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Programs for schools and individuals

Breath. Hope. Be.

IPride is a self-esteem-building program for youth, aligned and designed with social-emotional learning standards, placing emphasis on mindfulness, creative thought, expression, and basic physical fitness.

"Through Laura's gentle guidance, I finally understood how to calm my mind, meditate, and manifest my life's vision."

 ― Jen, Client

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IPride Write

IPride Write participants learn to confidently and effectively express and articulate their ideas.  We also focus on active listening and respecting diverse ways of thinking.

IPride Fit

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At the core of IPride Fit is embracing self-respect and improving self-esteem with regard to our bodies. Participants will learn forms of stretching and yoga in addition to basic exercises using canned goods as weights. These non-perishables are donated to a local food pantry upon class completion.

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IPride Light

An interactive experience reconnecting your spirit to Mother Nature through breath work, finding balance, climbing, seeking stillness, engaging your inner child using imagination, and closing with a ceremony of light.

What Clients Say

EY, Client

Whatever our challenge or opportunity, we can all benefit from having Laura provide insight, support, and guidance. 

Bishop, Student Client

Thank you, Laura! I feel like I just released a dinosaur!

IPride both prompted and challenged our students to harness their creativity without fear of judgment. 

Brandon, Client

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